100 Questions About Sharks

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Dive in and take a bite out of fin-tastic facts, all centered around the ocean's most fearsome creature: the shark!

Learn all about the great white, the sand tiger, the hammerhead, and many other shark superstars through more than 100 kid-friendly questions.

Which shark is the fastest? How strong is a shark's bite? Why does a hammerhead shark look like that? Find out!

Illustrated with colorful, cartoony artwork.

Jokes sprinkled throughout are sure to tickle your child's ''finny'' bone!

Packed with fun and fascinating facts.

Quirky, colorful format.

Question-and-answer format breaks down information into manageable chunks.

Informal, kid-friendly language is breezy and fun.

Sturdy hardcover binding.

Book measures 6'' wide x 9'' high.

48 pages.

Ages 7 and up.