What are the Seven Chakras?

The Seven Chakras

Crown Chakra – Connects with your spirit – Located at the top of your head – Associated w/ the color purple; helps ease stress and insomnia.

Third-Eye Chakra – Seeing beyond the physical realities and understanding of non-physical truth – Located between the eyes – Associated w/ the color white; helps soothe and reduces stress and worry; increases knowledge that everything is okay.

Throat Chakra - Center of communication and expression - Located at the base of the throat – Associated w/ the color blue; makes self-expression easier and aids in speaking out.

Heart Chakra – Directs ones ability to love oneself and others, and to give and to receive - Located in the heart area – Associated w/ the color green; opens the heart to others and increases trust in life.

Solar-Plexus Chakra – The receiver, distributor, and processor of energy and perceptual feeling - Located just below the ribs – Associated w/ the color yellow; aids urinary, kidney, and digestive diseases, clears, expands and aligns aura bodies.

Belly Chakra – The area of basic needs: sexuality, self-esteem, personal power - Located in the navel area – Associated w/ the color orange; stimulates and balance's a women's reproductive system.

Base Chakra – The area which holds our other basic needs: security, safety and survival – Associated w/ the body parts: hips, legs, lower back – Associated w/ the color red; repels disharmonious others from your aura energy, and brings sexual healing.