Salt Lamp - Small/5-7lbs

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  • AUTHENTIC - Ambient Salt Lamps are individually handcrafted and sourced directly from Pakistan. Authentic Himalayan salt crystals typically range in color from dark orange to medium pink.
  • NEGATIVE IONS & AIR PURIFICATION – Himalayan salt crystals are negative ions. The negative ions are released into the air and neutralize the positive ions in the surrounding. As they are attached to the positive ions, it helps make the air becomes fresh and pure.
  • REDUCE ALLERGY - Removes particles of dust, pet dander, mold, mildew and the like from the surrounding air. By placing a lamp or two in the rooms where you spend the most time can make a difference in allergy symptoms.
  • BETTER SLEEP - Place a rock salt lamp in your bedroom and you may have an amazing light night that will help with your sleep. The negative ions will help reduce anxiety and also with making the atmosphere more relaxed with the warm soft glow.
  • ~ 8" and 5-7lbs

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