H.I.P. Club

What is the H.I.P. club?

 It’s our preferred customer program!

What does H.I.P. stand for? 

 Happy Inspired People!

What are the benefits of being H.I.P.? 

Besides the obvious benefit of feeling good you also receive all of the following  benefits:

Benefit #1 - Enrollment into our frequent buyer program!  Once you’re enrolled you will have a H.I.P. card on file at our store.  Each time you come into our store, make sure you grab your H.I.P. card from our files and present it to us when making non-discounted purchases.  Each time you make a purchase we will put it in one of the 6 boxes on the back of your card.  If you are purchasing on line, just let us know you're "H.I.P." so we can make sure you get credit for it.  Once all of the squares are filled, you turn your card in and receive a gift certificate worth 10% of the combined total of all of your purchases!

Benefit #2 - Instant referral rewards!  Every time you bring a new customer to us we put their first purchase on your card.  We do this whether they sign up to be H.I.P. or not.  Imagine making 10% off all of your friends and families purchases in our store...now quit imagining it and get them into the store...we'll both thank you for it! 

Benefit #3 - If you provide us with your e-mail* you will receive advance notices of new shipments/products and sale items!  We will also notify you of Holistic Health & Wellness Seminars in the area such as Acupuncture, Aromatherapy, Feng Shui, Iridology, Nutrition, Qi-Gong, Reiki, Tai Chi, Yoga, etc..  In addition to this, you will also receive a subscription to our H.I.P. tip newsletter filled with information about what is going on in Boyne City and a cool tip to keep you feeling H.I.P..

Benefit #4 - An invitation to our private annual H.I.P. party in March to celebrate Spring!  The party features food, fun, great music and most importantly great discounts exclusively for H.I.P. club members before they are offered to the general public.  The party is also the beginning of our Spring Cleaning/Clearance Sale and when we have a sale, we have a sale with discounts up to 90% off!

Benefit #5 - Provide us with your birthday and you will receive a $10 gift certificate to our store and gift certificates to other really cool places too!

Benefit #6 - Discounted shipping on orders less than $49!  Everyone gets free shipping on orders over $49, but H.I.P. members only pay $2.95 on orders less than $49.

Benefit #7 - You receive a super cool H.I.P. reuseable inspired living shopping bag.  Each time you come into the store with your bag we’ll donate $1 to the Women’s Resource Center located in Petoskey. 

So are you ready to be H.I.P.???  If so, go to the "Create an Account" area of our website and put in all of your contact information. 

Then e-mail me at leslie@baliinspiredliving.com and let me know you want to be H.I.P. and give me your birthday so we can send you your $10 Birthday Gift Certificate on your birthday.    

 *  We will never give your e-mail address to anyone else for any reason.  Period. 

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