Neti Mist Sinus Spray

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Homeopathic Sinus Support Spray - 1oz

Looking for a natural and gentle way to ease your irritating sinus symptoms? Spray your sinus troubles away with Neti Mist Sinus Spray from Himalayan.

Neti Mist Sinus Spray is an all-natural and homeopathic spray formulated to provide temporary relief of congestion in the nasal passages with soothing ingredients.

Key Features

  • Homeopathic and all-natural
  • Provides support for temporary relief of nasal congestion, swelling of mucous membranes and tick mucus and phlegm
  • Supports normal sinus function for seasonal support
  • Soothing, decongesting and refreshing
  • Contains tangerine-ginger
  • Non-drying and gentle
  • Free of alcohol and benzalkonium chloride
  • Non habit-forming and non-steroidal

Neti Mist Sinus Spray features the homeopathic ingredient kali muriaticum, which is used for upper respiratory mucus and congestion. It also includes essential oils of tangerine and ginger for an invigorating scent to refreshed stuffed up sinuses.

This product can be used prior to nasal irrigation to deeply flush out the sinus passages, or at any time to support the effects of nasal irrigation.

Simply spray your way to sinus health. Order Neti Mist Sinus Spray today!

Active Ingredients
Kali muriaticum 6X (for upper respiratory mucus and congestion)
Inactive Ingredients: Aloe Socotruna, Deionized water, erythritol, essential oils of tangerine and ginger, grapefruit seed extract, Polysorbate 20 (vegetable source) and Sodium chloride (USP).